Welcome to Hepple.

We founded Hepple Spirits Company in 2014. Passionate about our home and its untamed wonder, obsessed with flavour and extracting it as precisely as possible, and dedicated to the cocktail community, whether that’s at home or in the top bars around the world, we’re excited to share with you a taste of the wild moors of Northumberland.



A market full of gimmicky and subtly-flavoured spirits emboldened us to create elegant and intensely-flavoured spirits aimed at transporting drinkers to our home. You don’t need to travel to the stunning vistas of Hepple to enjoy it – a sip of ours will take you there, as if you’re harvesting the botanicals with us. Thanks to our unique Triple Distillation Method (and a distillery full of modern distilling equipment) we’re able to capture flavours that traditional distilling would destroy.

We’ve brought our expertise as a celebrated foraging chef, a legendary bartender, a precision distiller, and an ecologically-minded farmer to bring you some of the best liquids on the market to add to your spirits cabinets. Celebrate your cocktails with a taste of Hepple.


Happy Heppleing,

Val, Nick, Chris & Walter


We welcome you to enjoy Hepple for yourselves at home, at some of your favourite local haunts, as well as in several of the World's 50 Best Bars.