Welcome to Hepple!

Located within the eastern edge of Northumberland National Park, our estate and distillery are where England’s cleanest waters, most ancient juniper, and wildest winds meet. Hepple’s rugged beauty reaches up along its hills through vast moors of heather and grasslands, down alongside old stone walls to babbling brooks and towering pine forests, ending at an old, small stone farmhouse that we’ve turned into our distillery.

Wild ponies, Highland cows, and famed black-haired pigs roam the estate, churning up hardened soil so that wild seeds can take hold. Introduced as part of our Wilding Programme – a natural regeneration aiming to bring back and conserve the wild plants that were once so distinctive to this place – we are committed to preserving the unique character of our home, both within the landscape and our liquids, through our environmental and sustainability goals.


You don’t need to travel to the stunning vistas of Hepple to enjoy it – a sip of gin will take you there, as if you’re harvesting the botanicals with us. Thanks to our unique Triple Distillation Method (and a distillery full of modern distilling equipment) we’re able to capture flavours that traditional distilling would destroy.

We’ve brought our expertise as a celebrated foraging chef, a legendary bartender, a precision distiller, and an ecologically-minded farmer to bring you some of the best liquids on the market to add to your spirits cabinets. Celebrate your cocktails with a taste of Hepple.

 Happy Heppleing,

Val, Nick, Chris & Walter


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